Technical Fabrics for VFX & Cinematography

We’ll do you a solid… or a greenscreen, or a bounce. We have decades of direct industry experience, and high quality manufacturing standards. That’s what allows us to understand and predict what you need, so we can provide it – and do it best.

We don’t just stock all your favourite items, we make them ourselves in our own shop. We can build you any shape and size, with no limit on creative custom details. You’ll get exactly what you need, delivered whenever and wherever you need it.

Building & Designing Custom Projects

When we’re not manufacturing our standard products, you can find us prototyping things like rain covers, tents, softboxes, crazy weight bags, and carrying cases. If there’s a problem no one else can solve, that’s our place to shine. We love math and design work, and will take on any challenge you can throw at us.

That’s how we’ve built so many lasting relationships – our customers know they can count on us to create a quality solution that will fit, work effectively, and hold up to the often demanding conditions of set life.

Repairs & Cleaning

Got a rip, or other damage? Our team can help determine if a product or material is repairable, and which type of repair is your best bet. Not only that, we will do our best to improve the condition and prolong it’s life.

We know fabrics better than anyone else in the business, and know how to keep them looking and performing their best. We service and clean any kind of screen or drape, including covered flag frames.